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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Camping fun!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a well cemented game nintendo platforms. Even those who don't necessarily play games that often will most likely have at least had a DS so that they can get a daily dosage of Animal Crossing in their lives. Primarily designed to be a more of a quiet stress reliever as opposed to an actual game - Animal Crossing let's you design your own home as you see fit, walk around the calming scenery, and take part in recreational activities; fishing, bug catching, fruit picking.

With the introduction of their first mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp puts you in charge of a campsite, as opposed to the usual town. Players are given a few areas they're allowed to visit, each with a different collectable item. Breezy Hollow has a selection of different fruits for players to collect, which grow back every 2 hours. While Sunburst Island gives the player the typical Animal Crossing bug catching net, for them to sneak up on unsuspecting butterflies and bugs to capture.

While in previous Animal Crossing games this stuff would either be sold to the leech that is Tom Nook (constantly putting you in debt) this time around they're primary use is for requests. Each animal camper in Animal Crossing will request things from you three times (you can use pay to play request tickets in order to unlock a further 3 more requests) completing these will award you with the in game currency of bells, and crafting materials, whilst also helping you to rank up your friendship with each animal slowly but surely. The friendship system, which goes hand in hand with the leveling up system, adds that little bit of competition against your friends. Leveling up gives you more furniture which you can craft with the help of those handy materials they just happily give you for a couple of bugs or fish. Along with unlocking more animals for you to make friends with! How cheery.

Instead of the typical home that you get to style up how you like, this time around you have your very own campsite for players and animals to come and appreciate, along with your very own camper van! One of the biggest cons within the game is that to convince animals to come visit your camp, you need to constantly craft furniture you might not even like just to temporarily place them in your camp just so they'll come and tell you they like your camp. This takes up time and doesn't actually do much other than literally let that animal come and sit in your camp.

The biggest annoyance within Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the market place. Replacing your handy Tom Nook store and Able Sisters Boutique is a small area from which you can buy 3 items of clothing or furniture items at a time. That's right. 3. This gets incredibly frustrating when the market only has a set of hair pins for you to purchase and you have to wait a while for it to refresh in the hopes that just MAYBE a t-shirt or jacket that you like might just be available. Still this is a annoyance in a game that's otherwise highly addictive and fun. When I say highly addictive I mean it, you can very easily spend a ridiculous amount of hours playing this Animal Crossing and not actually be sure what you've done or achieved.

To summarise this is a perfect time waster while your waiting around or bored at work, and great to play against friends in a fight for the best campsite! Just beware the annoying elements in it and focus on the good!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Drink For You!

So, as mentioned in my last review of Wish Studios `That's You!` - Me and and a few of my friends have been thinking up some drinking rules that will amplify it's fun and serve as a great way to spice up pre-drinks before you head out!

To start with, go and fetch your favourite alcoholic beverage. Some of these rules involve large intakes of alcohol so make sure you know your limits, and pick a drink that won't leave you paralytic.

My Drink of choice?

Trusty old whiskey. However there's nothing wrong with taking the weaker option (even if spirits are just more fun).

The Rules

So let's crack on with how these rules work. If you haven't played That's You! I suggest giving my review of it a quick read as these rely on understanding how the game works.

1) Whenever that beautifully filtered mug of yours is selected as an answer, you've got to take a drink buddy. (in cases of even splits - every player selected takes a drink)

2) Be it in the school, the bar, or on the train, if it's your category and everyone's just laughing at how well or little they know you - you've got the power. Throughout your round, at any point, as many times as you want, you can yell "DRINK" or whatever word you like, causing every participating player to drink. (Be respectful. No one likes annoying repetition).

3) If you're the odd one out, you've gotta pay. Upon answer revelation if it turns out that you were only in your answer and no one else agreed then it's time for you to drink buddy.

4) Following on from that, if you also happen to use a joker for this answer then down half your drink there and then.

5) If everyone picks you, take a moment to drown your sorrows by drinking 3 times.

6) For the `Word` and `Drawing` rounds, if you're drawing gets the most votes as funniest/most relevant then you get to nominate someone else to drink - along with how much they have to drink.

7) So that everyone gets a chance to drink at least once per round, whenever you get a new joker - take a drink buddy.

8) And the last rule requires a little bit of trust. If you get cocky and end up depleting your supply of jokers, you must admit this to your group and proceed to drink!

That's all for these rules. Nicole Aitken, Matthew Case, and myself tested these rules just the other day and I assure you they'll definitely get you at least tipsy! The more people the more chances to drink so try and get a party of six together! (more than six don't worry, just divide into teams of two per player).

If any of you do try these rules I'd love to know what you thought and if you have any recommendations! Drink responsibly and try not to kill one another.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It's All About You!

That's You!

Firstly, sorry for the long break, I didn't have my games to play in Norway (it was beautiful hell). Secondly I'm back with a review of PlayStation's new That's You!

Released on the 4th of July and created by Wish Studios, That's You! is a multiplayer party game for the PlayStation 4. Featured free for PlayStation Plus members during July, That's You! starts off the new upcoming PlayLink games, which feature being able to use your smartphones as a form of playing party games in a more accessible manner, coming to PS4!

Monday, 20 February 2017


I apologise for my absence as of late.

Currently I'm taking part on an exchange in Norway to further my journalism education - unfortunately this means I have only my 3DS and Vita with me, with limited games, and no wifi that they can connect to in order to download games.

However, I'm going to aim to keep doing what I used to and write reviews and opinion pieces based on games I've previously played, and any chances I get to write about new games I will definitely jump on!

Monday, 19 December 2016

For the Sake of Love

Shadow of the Colossus

Published and developed by Sony, Shadow of the Colossus was the spiritual successor and believed prequel to the popular Playstation 2 title Ico. Featuring similar graphics and continuing the fictional language used within Ico, Shadow of the Colossus follows limited story line - instead focusing more thoroughly on the open worlds lushous design and it's unique gameplay mechanics.

In the bitter sweet style that Ico contained, Shadow of the Colossus follows Wander as he desperately tries to find a way to bring his deceased love Mono back from the dead. Accompanied by his trusted steed Argo, and armed only with a single sword and a Bow and arrow, Wander aims to slay the 16 Colossi as commanded by a mysterious voice within the shrine of worship, in order to bring Mono back into his life.

Remade for the PS3 in full HD updated graphics and slightly better controls, Shadow of the Colossus has been a game loved by it's fans for many years, developing an almost cult like following.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The Curse of Grief.


This little gem of a PSX game was released in 1999 by the game company Sacnoth. It was on four discs and featured a chess like battle system with a unique but interesting set of weapon and magic usage. It followed three main characters journeys into a Gothic monastery filled with frankly disgusting monsters with surprisingly depressing back stories that genuinely drag you into further into the world of Koudelka. The lesser known prequel to the popular RPG series Shadow Hearts.

Based in Wales, specifically Aberystwyth Koudelka follows primarily the story of... you guessed it! Koudelka, whose draw to the Nemeton monastery by the spirit of a girl named Elaine. Once she gets there she finds a thief named Edward in a dying state. After a frankly creepy confrontation with a twitchy werewolf creature, she heals Edward and continue into the Monastery with him accompanying her. Further in they find the annoying and overly religious (and not the nice kind) Irish James.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Microwavin' with Mamorin!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a Japanese role playing game developed for the Wii U by Atlus and published by Nintendo. The game released in Europe and American in June of 2016. It's primary selling point was the fact that it was a crossover between the two successful titles Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei.

In modern-day Tokyo Idols are under threat by evil entities known as Mirages. These entities wish to absorb the performa (really original there Atlus) that humans generate through their creative outlets - and as such have been causing idols to disappear. Focusing on a group of make-shift and professional idols who have also managed to link themselves with friendly Mirages, the story line primarily focus's on finding out why exactly the Mirages are after human performa, and who is behind the attacks on idols.

Honestly crossover is a very loose term. While the game does feature characters directly from the Fire Emblem series as the friendly (and some enemy) Mirages, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE features very little of both games. Other than the physical attributes in battle, and the few Fire Emblem characters, Fire Emblem is barely to be seen in the game. And as for Shin Megami Tensei, the most we really get to see is the odd Jack Frost symbol, and skill names take directly from the Shin series. Still, despite it barely classifying as a crossover, it does play surprisingly well.